peace in the small things

Life has been tough over the last few months; the illness and then death of my mother followed by abdominal surgery with ongoing complications, then returning home to a grossly under-resourced and entirely unplanned renovation turned complete-house-rebuild, has left me exhausted, depressed and struggling to make sense of daily life.

I have finally made it back to the canvas in the last month after a 6 months hiatus. I am weak and malnourished. Things just don't flow. I am frustrated with how i have regressed and disappointed at the opportunities i failed to capitalise.

Yet i realise today that all this self-condemnation and flagellation has led me nowhere, and has been hampering my physical, spiritual and artistic recovery.

So i vow to treasure the small steps, the small wins and the small blessings.

Like today; i made it out of bed early and went for a saunter up the road. There was the morning-song and wintery morning crispness, an absence of rain, and the first of the camellias.

So today i treasure and am grateful for; the irreverently bold camellia, the little red robin with his punk-esque hairdo, my foggy breath against the cold, the warmth of the cat on my lap when i returned, the laughter with friends over the weekend, the memory of my friend's hand across my back as i cried last night, and the love of my husband who stands by and provides a safe haven at the end of each long day.

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# Boyd
Thursday, November 07, 2013 4:59 PM
Small things with great love - hope its brighter by the day

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