A Quiet Soul

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"How rare it is to find a soul quiet enough to hear God speak" Francois Fenelon.

I've been thinking of working this into one of the paintings I have in mind.It speaks to me.
Marianne Williamson says that the ego speaks first and loudest and that to hear God takes being still and listening for the a whisper. 

I agree so hardheartedly. Of late when my body is occupied and my mind is left to wander (like driving, at yoga, or at the canvas) my ego screams at me "Run. Run for the hills. It's not safe. Run"

I know why it is saying it. There is a lot of unknowns and 'wait and see's at the moment. But the danger isn't real. When I pause, breathe in, and seek to hear what God says, i hear Him say to me "it will be okay. Just deal with what you are doing in this moment. Leave the rest up to me. It will be ok."

And so as always I have the choice - free choice. To stand or run. Sometimes I run, but most days I stand in faith, counting my breaths and feeling afraid.

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Domi Jon
# Domi Jon
Thursday, September 27, 2018 8:15 PM
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